Any individual who has a clinical diagnosis of intellectual disability or other developmental disability or a related condition is eligible for admission to services regardless of age, degree of handicap, ethnic origin, gender, marital or religious status.  

Individuals can only be served, however, if funding for those services is available. Individuals who are not authorized for funding through the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services can only be served if an individual contract is negotiated with another funding source (e.g. Department of Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, insurance, or school districts). 

Meeting the eligibility requirements does not guarantee the availability of appropriate services/supports or commit the Agency to provide services which are not yet developed. Neither does meeting the eligibility requirements define priorities as to who shall receive services first in the event of limited resources. 

Services and supports are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of each person and may include:
School Age Day Services
   Youth School to Work
Inter-generational Center
Alternative and Retirement Services
Employment Services

   Work Training, Sub-Contract Work, 

   Community Employment
Residential Services
   Supervised Apartments
   24-hour Staffed Homes
   Extended Family Homes
Family Advocacy

Community Programs in:
Area I:   Chadron/Alliance/Hay Springs
Area II:  Scottsbluff/Gering/Mitchell
Area III:  Sidney

The services we provide are individualized to support the person as much or as little as they desire. These support encompass a wide variety of activities including support to access health care, receive medications per doctor orders, transportation, opportunities for recreation and leisure, support in daily routines, and opportunities for organized sports.

Region I Office of Human Development


Inter-generational Day Services-Alternative and Retirement Services provide the development of age-appropriate opportunities to enhance the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities or related conditions. The services are directed to address the needs of individuals of all ages and specifically  those persons where work training and employment services may no longer be appropriate.
Employment Services Assists in placing individuals in business or in an industry settings where work is performed under contract with the provider is competitively employed and may have initial or occasional job coaching by agency staff.  
Assisted Residential Living services provide organized training to persons who may need training in daily living skills and /or, socialization skills.  This training is provided in settings such as small group homes with 24 hour supervision. 
Work Training assists in the development of
fundamental work skills to enhance individual
independence in work settings and is designed to orient the individual to community work environments.  This training is provided in settings such as work activity centers, vocational centers or other activity centers. 
Transition Services provide individualized
programs for older adolescents to become
involved in life-skills training and pre-vocational/work exploration activities. The program is designed to effect a smooth transition from children’s services or public school  to generic community services and/or the adult Work Training or Employment services. 
Respite Services provides families short-term
temporary relief from the on-going responsibilities of caregiving.  Services may be provided in agency residences that have available space, day service settings, or the families’ home. 
Supported Community Living services provide organized training to maintain or increase independent living skills. This training is to provided in settings such as supervised apartments or homes.